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SpinLight Pendulum Ball orange

SpinLight Pendulum Ball orange

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SpinLight Pendulum Ball orange

SpinLight: 'Pendulum' with Ball orange
Material: high-grade steel / Glassball 40mm - orange
Material thickness: 1 mm
Diameter: 270 mm X 140 mm
Surface finish: two-way polished - silk matt


Magical optical delights, made of high quality stainless steel

Spinlights could be described simply as "hanging Mobiles" or perhaps as "kinetic light objects" which can be used either indoors or outdoors with spectacular effect. Gently rotating through circulating air currents and draughts, or using an electric motor, fascinating light reflections (also so-called Moiré - Effects) will be greatly enjoyed.

Much fun and creative inspiration comes from the selective placing of the Spinlights according to the colours of the surrounding environment, and the use of different light sources. Astonishing results are guaranteed! (worth noting: indoors the Spinlights often achieve more impressive results when placed in low light rather than bright light environment - the reflections will be seen better)

Manufacturers note: Spinlights are made from a high quality stainless steel. Because sometimes the laser cutting leaves small imperfections on the surface, all pieces undergo an extra sanding and polishing stage.
top SpinLight Pendulum Ball redSpinLight Pendulum Ball red
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping costs

SpinLight Pendulum Ball red

Item number: 0001B175PeKuro
Delivery beginn within 24hrs Delivery beginn within 24hrs **

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